Township game tips

    township tips

    Township is a mobile game designed for android, iOS, and Adobe platforms, but it’s also suitable to work with the Windows platform. Township is a game that essentially blends urban construction and farming.

    It’s up to you to create a prosperous town by making income from the crops you grow and the products you make using Township game cheats. This game needs you to be the boss of your city as the game provides with you a starter town and you need to unleash trains, ports, and zoos to improve your neighborhood. If you’re a first time player, you may think it’s a simple game, but it’s not the situation because it’s a bit challenging and more complex, so here are some tips that might come handy when you play it for the first time.

    Relax and set up your town: Township is an open-world game, which means that you don’t have to complete any quests or hunts to reach the highest level. You just need to use your ingenuity and desire to pick up and build your houses and communities and foster an environment. But to get your hands on premium currency, game points, and coins, you need to establish an attractive, prosperous community.

    The best way to earn coins is by following orders in the township. To receive orders and complete them, or to give orders to people, press on the helicopter buttons. Some orders are simply not worth your time, so you have to carefully pick the orders that offer you exciting deals. Another thing is that all those inaccessible orders will cause a lot of confusion when playing the game, so get rid of them. Click the trash button to get rid of those orders immediately.

    Focus on farming: Farming is a key element in this game since your city continues to grow mainly on crops. So to do that, you need to plant a lot of organic crops to make your city more throng and energetic. This game offers you several crops and you will have to pick the most advantageous of the region. And wheat is also in high demand, as it can bring greater income. So make sure that you buy wheat in a greater quantity in an adequate plot, and also keep an eye on the orders in the queue to ensure that you deliver the output correctly.

    There are a lot of building materials available in this game, so you need to look at the right ones that fit your job. The materials come in the train and the game allows you to send trains to get the materials you need, to get the right ones can be complex, but you can send the trains until you get the best stuff for your city.

    The sum of development and growth is easier to accomplish in the initial stages than in the halfway or final stages. As in the initial stages, you will have an adequate location, a good supply of materials and other useful components is readily available in the early stages of the game, which will help you develop your city faster.

    This game helps you to interact with your friends on Facebook. Connecting with them, they’ll be able to help you build your city faster. You can even share trains and planes with them if you don’t have those things at the moment.