How To Get New Characters In Brawl Stars

    brawl stars characters

    Every online or mobile game has its own rules of operation. At the same time, there are always one or two things that make it special. For Brawl Stars the change of characters which are also known as brawlers is one of the most unique stages in the game. Knowing how important the brawlers are, Brawl Stars Hack No Survey developers ensured that the process was not a walk in the park.

    What are Brawlers?

    Brawlers are characters used in the Brawl Stars game. for you to have access to the characters, you must have to unlock them. Every character has a weapon, statistics and also a special attack. Therefore unlocking a new character means you receive new abilities and you are able to fight your enemies more effectively. However, unlocking these characters requires skills.

    If you are wondering how to go about it, you have nothing to worry about anymore. In this article, we will give you a few tips that will help you. These include:

    1.   Unlock Brawlers using Trophy Road

    There are different trophies to win on Brawl Stars gaming platform. Every trophy you win draws you closer to unlocking a new character. However, since there are different characters, not all of them are unlocked by winning trophies. Below is a list of some of the characters unlocked by winning trophies.

    ·         Once you win 10 trophies, you are able to unlock Nita Brawler.

    ·         60 trophies enables you to unlock Colt Brawler.

    ·         250 trophies unlocks the Bull Brawler.

    ·         500 trophies unlocks Jessie Brawler.

    ·         Brock Brawler is unlocked by winning 1000 trophies.

    ·         2000 trophies gives you access to Dynamike Brawler.

    ·         And with 3000 trophies, you will be able to unlock the Bo Brawlers.

    2.   Unlock Brawlers by opening Brawl Boxes

    Once you are through with unlocking the characters you can access by winning trophies, the next step will be opening brawl boxes. The Brawler boxes are divided into three different categories. These categories are; standard boxes, big boxes and mega boxes. The Brawlers have a basic or fixed percentage of appearing every time a box is opened.

    Below are some of the Brawlers you can unlock by opening Brawl Boxes.

    ·         Brawler El Primo (rare type)

    ·         Brawler Barley (rare type)

    ·         Brawler Poco (rare type)

    ·         Brawler Ricochet (super rare type)

    ·         Brawler Penny (super rare type)

    ·         Brawler Darryl (super rare type)

    ·         Brawler Pam (epic type)

    ·         Brawler Piper (epic type)

    ·         Brawler Frank (epic type)

    ·         Brawler Tara (mythic type)

    ·         Brawler Mortis (mythic type)

    ·         Brawler Crow (legendary type)

    ·         Brawler Spike (legendary type)

    ·         Brawler Leon (legendary type)

    You can modify the appearance statistics under certain conditions. However, you need to understand these percentages better before trying to do so.


    Sometimes players are provided with special offers in the game items shop. The special offers may contain a super rare Brawler or a Rare Brawler. These tokens come once in a while and hence you must be very keen to ensure that you get it immediately when they are on offer. There are also some hack tools that offer you these characters free of charge. Therefore don’t allow anything to draw you back!